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Our Magnet Schools

What if your child attended a school that focused on his/her unique talents and interests?  Where learning was exciting and where your child could work with classmates and teachers who shared his/her same interests?  With San Mateo-Foster City Magnet schools, you can.  Our schools are part of a nationally recognized and award-winning program designed to help students advance academically while they develop their unique talents and interests.

Magnet schools meet the same challenging standards as all other schools in our district and in the state of California-with one big difference.  Each school emphasizes a particular theme, giving its students more opportunities to acquire skills that will help prepare them for success in the future.  Want to be bilingual and biliterate?  Explore our Mandarin Immersion Program at College Park and the Spanish Immersion Program at Fiesta Gardens.  Interested in Montessori learning - check out North Shoreview Montessori (K-8) and Parkside Montessori (TK-7; expanding to 8th grade in 2023-2024). 


District-wide magnet schools do not have an assigned attendance area.  Students must request a transfer in order to attend a District-wide magnet school. Students that live in the historic attendance area for that specific magnet school, and are entering kindergarten, will receive neighborhood priority on their transfer request.

Students new to the District must first complete the new student registration process with the school assigned to the address of residence and then request a transfer.

Currently enrolled students (grades TK-7) may request a transfer.



Elementary School Magnet Programs

TK - 8th Magnet Programs

K - 8

TK - 7th

Middle School Magnet Programs

6 - 8th

A continuation of the Fiesta Gardens Spanish-English Immersion K-5 program.

6 - 8th

A continuation of the College Park Mandarin Immersion K-5 program.