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Superintendent's Letters

Monday, December 18, 2023

Superintendent Diego Ochoa

Dear San Mateo-Foster City Community,

Since 2022, we have published the district’s L3 report, which aims to answer the following questions:

“How are our kids doing?”

“Why are some students achieving and others not achieving?”

We published the original L3 Report using 2022 state test score results and 2021-22 internal test scores. We included charts for grade-level reading starting in kindergarten, as well as attendance and discipline data. The L3 Report showed the relationships between internal data and state test score data. We also conducted a Root Cause Analysis to identify our path forward in terms of solving our challenges. We took on the responsibility to tell our story and connect that story to our Strategic Plan. All that said, we were missing some important information in the L3 Report because the 2022 California Dashboard had not yet been published. Well, we now have 2022 and 2023 CA Dashboard data. I invite parents to go to to look up your school’s data. As was the case last year, our scores rank very high within and outside our region.

The California Dashboard is a powerful tool, but it requires the user to understand how to access the data. We believe in transparency and accountability. Our district expects to have increased student achievement every year, and the L3 Report creates a permanent record of the district’s annual progress. The L3 Report allows us to highlight our greatest strengths. We also analyze our areas for growth to create more effective programs moving forward.

We also believe in celebrating the strategies that are working well. Some recent articles highlight a few of the successes we’ve achieved and can be viewed here. I hope you enjoy reading through this L3 Update and hope to see you at one of our upcoming engagement events!

Superintendent Ochoa's Signature
Diego R. Ochoa


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