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2022 - 2023 Enacted State Budget Impact on SMFCSD Budget

2022-2023 Enacted State Budget Impact on SMFCSD Budget

The District will be modifying its budget at First Interim to include the additional funding that has been identified as part of the State’s enacted budget. The State had identified approximately 60% of new Proposition 98 funding will be used for one-time investments. 

The enacted budget includes the following estimated ongoing and one-time resources for our district. 

Ongoing Resources

Expanded Learning Opportunities Program funding: $5,748,971

Special Ed funding: Increases the base rate to $820 per ADA. The actual impact is to be determined by working with our SELPA.

Home to School Transportation: Starting in 2022-2023 the District will receive 60% of reported transportation costs.  Approximately $2,000,000

School Nutrition:  Funding for universal access to subsidized school meals beginning in 2022-2023 all Lea’s are required to provide two free meals per day to any student.  The final estimate will be calculated as we complete our first interim budget report. 

Child Care and Preschool:  The enacted budget provides additional funding for new slots, rate increases, and through June 2023 waivers available for family fees.  


One Time Resources

Learning Recovery Emergency Block Grant: Estimated $9,056,847

Arts, Music, and Instructional Materials Discretionary Block Grant: $6,426,602



There are multiple grants that are available as part of the Enacted State Budget. The District will reflect increases in its budget upon confirmation that the District will receive the funds after applications have been submitted.  Grants that are available that the District will evaluate include but are not limited to items such as the California Pre-K Planning and Implementation Grant, Community Schools Partnership Program, Kitchen Infrastructure Grants, Workforce Investments – Educator Grant Programs, Green School Bus Grant Program, and Antibias Education Grant Program.


For any questions, call the San Mateo-Foster City School District Business Department at (650) 312-3385.