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Tobacco-use prevention education

What is tupe?

TUPE stands for Tobacco Use Prevention Education. TUPE programs are funded by the state government through the California Department of Education due to rising concerns over teen vaping and tobacco use. To learn more, visit the CDE’s Website on the TUPE Program Overview.

Our tupe programs

Student Education Alternative to Suspension
Parent Education Peer Advocacy

 Student Education

Students will be educated in various ways from grades 6-8. A 2-week tobacco & marijuana prevention education curriculum will be taught by science teachers in 6th grade. This curriculum is based on Project Alert & Stanford Tobacco Toolkit and includes topics such as electronic cigarettes, marijuana and peer pressure. Annual vaping assemblies will be held for 7th graders and the 8th graders will take part in lunchtime activities, health fairs, and more.

Parent education

Parent education events will be offered to help inform parents on the latest in teen tobacco use trends and vaping devices. Due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, currently these events will be held as virtual webinars. Spanish translation will be provided upon request.

Peer Advocacy

Youth make great advocates! Students will be invited to join a peer educator club on their middle school campus (at lunch or after school, depending on the school site). These youth will be trained to raise awareness among their peers about the benefits of staying tobacco free.

Alternative to suspension

This program is for students with first-time offenses for tobacco or nicotine possession or use on their school campus. Families can choose to opt into this program in place of a full suspension for violating the code below.

“Students shall not possess, smoke, or use tobacco or any product containing tobacco or nicotine while on campus, while attending school-sponsored activities, or while under the supervision and control of district employees.” (Education Code 48900, 48901)

This program will focus on educating and supporting the student through one-on-one meetings with a trained interventionist and completion of an online educational tobacco course. To learn more about the online curriculum, visit

*If you have concerns that your child is smoking or vaping and would like the support of our programs, please fill out the following confidential form: SMFCSD referral form.


SMFCSD Smoke Free Policies

“The San Mateo-Foster City School District prohibits the use of all tobacco, nicotine and marijuana products. Prohibited products include any product containing tobacco, nicotine, or marijuana including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, miniature cigars, smokeless tobacco, snuff, chew, clove cigarettes, betel, edibles, and electronic delivery devices. This prohibition applies to all students, employees, and visitors at any school-sponsored instructional program, activity, or athletic event held on or off district property.” | 2020 - 2021 SMFC District Handbook, p. 17-Discipline

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