What is a Student Success Team?

Student Success Teams (SSTs) are teams of teachers, site administrators and parents who meet on a regular basis to discuss student development. While each school site schedules and runs their own meetings, each school adheres to the belief that all students can reach their potential. These team meetings take a problem-solving approach and depend on the input of each stakeholder to review the student’s strengths and challenges.

Who is referred to an SST?

Any student in a general education classroom who is experiencing challenges or concerns with any of the following:

  • Academic areas
  • Attendance
  • Social and/or emotional difficulties impacting the school setting

What is the referral process?

Parents who are concerned about their child should always contact the classroom teacher first and request a meeting to discuss those concerns. Most issues can be addressed and resolved by communicating with the teacher directly and discussing alternative strategies for the classroom. After an appropriate amount of time (at least 4-6 weeks), if your child has not made sufficient progress, parents should meet again with the teacher to review the interventions and determine next steps, which could include additional interventions or an SST meeting.

Teachers who have concerns about a child follow the same process--communication with the parent, interventions in the classroom, and a follow-up discussion. If an SST is needed, a letter will be sent to parents with a specific date and time to meet with the team.