Early Literacy Assessments

All of our TK-2 teachers assess student learning everyday in the classroom through observational checks for understanding and written responses in mathematics, language arts, science and social studies to inform their daily instruction. In addition, our TK-2 students are given benchmark literacy assessments several times a year to assess what students have learned during a given period of time and to ensure they are on track to be competent readers by 3rd grade. These assessments include the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA2), Running Records, and components of the Observation Survey (Letter identification, Concepts about Print, and High Frequency Words). These assessments have been in our district for many years. The frequency of these assessments is dependent on how well a student is progressing, however, all students are expected to make progress in reading over the course of the year. Parents are encouraged to ask teachers how their child is progressing on these assessments and how to support their growing readers at home.