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Claves Program

Beginning in 2021-2022, SMFCSD began a partnership with Stanford University's CLAVES research project , an exciting academic language and literacy acceleration program for students who are at promise of becoming long-term English learners.

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What is the CLAVES research project about?

Researchers from Stanford University are conducting a study, funded by the U.S. Department of Education (DOE), to implement and evaluate the CLAVES1 program. CLAVES is a small group language and literacy program intended to support the reading and writing

development of multilingual learners (MLs) and their peers in upper elementary school. 

The program focuses on building linguistic and metalinguistic awareness to help comprehend text.  It includes culturally relevant and multimodal texts focused on social justice issues and leverages student talk and multilingual scaffolds to promote engagement with these texts. 

We define the term multilingual learner as students who speak more than one language or dialect. These students could be in an English Only or a Multilingual Pathway. The curriculum is in English, but it invites students to use their linguistic resources across languages and dialects. While the program was originally written with Spanish-English and Portuguese-English MLs in mind, we have expanded it to support other MLs as well. Check out this website for more information:

Learn more about CLAVES