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Relocation of Fiesta Gardens Campus

Welcome to an exciting chapter in the history of Fiesta Gardens International School! We are delighted to announce our relocation and the expansion of grade levels scheduled for August 2025. 

As part of the relocation project, Fiesta Gardens International School College Park Elementary, currently located at 1001 Bermuda Dr., San Mateo, CA 94403, will be transitioning to the new site of College Park Elementary School at 715 Indian Ave., San Mateo.

Our journey towards this relocation and grade span expansion has been a collaborative effort involving the valuable voices of families, staff members, and administrators. Students provided their input via a survey as well. Over a span of two years, these stakeholders actively participated in a thorough process, identifying strengths, needs, and priorities. This collective effort has resulted in a set of recommendations that will guide Fiesta Gardens International School's transition to its new campus location in August 2025 and facilitate the expansion from PreK to 8th grade.

Key areas of input from our diverse stakeholders include grade level span, social-emotional supports, parent empowerment, enrollment and recruitment strategies, academic supports for students, and enhancements to the academic program.

We invite you to join us on this journey as we embrace change and eagerly anticipate a future filled with educational excellence and positive experiences for our students, families, and staff. 

Together, let's build a foundation for success and growth at Fiesta Gardens International School.