The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a critical part of California’s Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF).  It is a three-year, district-level plan that is updated annually. The plan describes the school district’s key goals for students as well as the specific actions (with expenditures) the district will take to achieve the goals and the means (metrics) used to measure progress.

The LCAP addresses the needs of all students, including specific student groups, and all districts must specifically address English learners, foster youth, and low-income students.  In addition, the LCAP must address the state of California's eight priority areas that include student academic achievement, school climate, student access to a broad curriculum, and parent engagement. It is aligned with the goals of the District's Strategic Plan.


Download the District LCAP  |  Download the District LCAP in Español

LCAP Engagement Schedule 2019LCAP Engagement Flyer Spanish

2018-2019 LCAP Stakeholder Engagement Process and Timeline

January/February 2019

  • Initial input from District and Site stakeholder groups (staff, PTA, English Learner Advisory Council, School Site Council etc.)
  • Principals meet with Ed Services/Business Services to contribute to the development of LCAP
  • LCAP Survey Available Mid-February

District-wide LCAP Engagement Meetings

  • January 30 - Bayside Middle School – 2025 Kehoe Ave, San Mateo
    - Bayside Academy, College Park, LEAD, North Shoreview & Parkside
  • February 6 – Bowditch Middle School – 1450 Tarpon St, Foster City
    – Audubon, Bowditch, Brewer Island, Foster City
  • February 20 – Borel Middle School - 425 Barneson Ave, San Mateo
    – Baywood, Borel, Highlands, Sunnybrae, San Mateo Park
  • February 27 – North Central Community - College Park – 715 Indian Ave, San Mateo
    – Meeting will be conducted in Spanish with English translation
  • March 6 – Abbott Complex – 600 36th Ave, San Mateo
    – Abbott, Beresford, Fiesta Gardens, George Hall, Laurel, Meadow Heights

Teacher Engagement Meetings

  • February 11 – Baywood Elementary School, 3:30-5:30 pm
  • February 13 - District Office, 2:00-4:00 pm

April/May 2019

  •  District and Principals return to consult with stakeholder groups on the plan

May 2019

June 7, 2019

  • LCAP Public Hearing

June 21, 2019

  • LCAP to Board of Trustees for approval


LCAP Priority Stakeholder Survey Results 2016-2017

Thank you to all of our San Mateo-Foster City School District stakeholders, including staff, parents and community members for taking the time to complete our first district-wide LCAP Priority Survey.  This survey provided information to sites, leadership teams, administration, and the Board of Trustees to help influence what actions and services will be defined in the LCAP, and inform choices about LCFF fund allocation. Our LCAP is an important part of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) process.  The LCAP is where our district articulates our goals, needs, actions, and expenditures, as well as how we will measure our progress toward meeting those goals. Stakeholder input is a critical part of an effective, applicable LCAP. 

Please review the LCAP Priority Survey Results below:

Community Stakeholder Survey Results

Community Stakeholder Survey Results - Spanish

Staff Stakeholder Survey Results

Staff Stakeholder Survey Results - Spanish