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What if your child attended a school that focused on his/her unique talents and interests?  Where learning was exciting and where your child could work with classmates and teachers who shared his/her same interests? With San Mateo-Foster City Magnet schools, you can.  Our schools are part of a nationally recognized and award-winning program designed to help students advance academically while they develop their unique talents and interests.

Magnet schools meet the same challenging standards as all other schools in our district and in the state of California-with one big difference.  Each school emphasizes a particular theme, giving its students more opportunities to acquire skills that will help prepare them for success in the future.  Love to paint, act, create music or dance?  LEAD - A Magnet School of Literacy, Enrichment, Academics & Digital Arts may be the one for you.  Excited about Science and Technology?  The Bayside STEAM | STEM ACADEMY prepares students for a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.  Want to be bilingual and bi-literate?  Explore our Mandarin and Spanish Immersion programs at College Park and Fiesta Gardens.

New District Montessori, STEAM/STEM and LEAD Programs

District Montessori Program

The public school Montessori program in the San Mateo-Foster City School District is in its 40th year, and is recognized for the development of each child’s intellectual, social, and creative abilities, using hands-on, multi-sensory materials within a carefully prepared environment.   The environment allows for self-correction opportunities, which lead to the joy of inner motivation.  Montessori elementary studies are based on a cultural curriculum which integrates history, geography, mathematics, science, biology, language, literature, art, and music.  We are proud to continue to offer and expand this excellent program.

The SMFCSD is now offering a K-8 Montessori program at two school campuses – North Shoreview and Parkside.  Parents should apply online for an intradistrict transfer by February 10, 2017 and indicate the District Montessori Program on the application.  Students will be randomly assigned to either the North Shoreview or Parkside campus in the transfer lottery.  Site priority will only be given to applicants who have concurrently enrolled siblings or are children of District employees.

If applying to the District Montessori Program for grades 1-8, students will need to be assessed by a teacher and the Principal to ensure that they will be able to make a successful transition into the program.  Montessori middle school applicants must have already attended a Montessori elementary school.  Please contact these schools directly if you have additional questions.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM) Program at BAYSIDE STEM ACADEMY

With the opening of the District Montessori Program at two campuses – North Shoreview & Parkside - the Parkside STEAM program will be moving to the Bayside STEM Academy campus, combining both programs into one STEAM / STEM school.  The STEAM program will continue to be located on the Parkside campus with the plan to move to the Bayside STEM Academy campus to start the 2017-2018 school year.  The staff has begun their design process to develop the STEAM / STEM project and we are excited for the consolidation and collaboration between these two programs to begin.

New Magnet Theme to LEAD the Way!

LEAD Elementary School is leading the way while emerging in the 2015-2016 school year as a new TK-5 magnet school with an integrated and balanced focus on Literacy and Digital Arts. At LEAD, the goal is to empower students by prioritizing literacy and technology, ensuring that all students graduate with the reading, writing and technological skills needed to be successful throughout their education.  Integrated technology facilitates and enriches literacy in reading and writing across Common Core content areas.  The incorporation of Digital Arts allows students access to an emerging field of study that uses technology through recording, video production, graphic design, coding and other mediums.

At LEAD, students will benefit from:

  • Teachers' increased knowledge of and ability to extend strategies through targeted professional development for implementing the above
  • Integrated, balanced use of technology with tablet and chrome book-based learning
  • Full day Kindergarten
  • Fully implemented (2014-15) Hour of Code Grades TK-5
  • Community Partnerships:
  • California State University (CSU) East Bay professors and experts which will provide LEAD teachers the opportunity to explore, create and incorporate best teaching practices opportunities
  • Guide Wire (See article from San Mateo Journal on Hour of Code)
  • CuriOdyssey: CuriOdyssey educators enrich science lessons that support Common Core based on the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Reading Bug Guest Author Series
  • Corporate Funding: LEAD Elementary is working with Singer and Associates to seek corporate funding for supplemental resources/funds for the Teacher-Led Technology and Literacy Vertical Teams, equipment, additional staffing, and the Digital Arts afterschool and lunchtime enrichment classes
  • Lunchtime and free after school enrichment programs that enhance learning by offering students of all age levels classes in Digital Arts where students will learn to use a variety of applications that will enrich their digital literacy including but not limited to:
    • Digital photography
    • Scripting, filming and editing videos
    • Scripting, filming and editing interviews
    • Writing book reviews
    • Taking surveys and posting results
    • Creating Public Service Announcements (PSA)
    • Coding, reading practice and other digital arts

LEAD Elementary – A Magnet School of Literacy, Enrichment, Academics & Digital Arts.

Please see the school website for more information.