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What if your child attended a school that focused on his/her unique talents and interests?  Where learning was exciting and where your child could work with classmates and teachers who shared his/her same interests?  With San Mateo-Foster City Magnet schools, you can.  Our schools are part of a nationally recognized and award-winning program designed to help students advance academically while they develop their unique talents and interests.

Magnet schools meet the same challenging standards as all other schools in our district and in the state of California-with one big difference.  Each school emphasizes a particular theme, giving its students more opportunities to acquire skills that will help prepare them for success in the future.  Love to paint, act, create music or dance?  LEAD - A Magnet School of Literacy, Enrichment, Academics & Digital Arts may be the one for you.  Excited about Science and Technology?  The Bayside STEAM | STEM ACADEMY prepares students for a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.  Want to be bilingual and bi-literate?  Explore our Mandarin and Spanish Immersion programs at College Park and Fiesta Gardens.

Please see our Transfer Request Process page for more information on applying to attend one of our Magnet programs.


Elementary School Magnet Programs

TK-8 Magnet Programs

Middle School Magnet Programs

SMFCSD HAS expanded our District Montessori Program

District Montessori Program

The public school Montessori program in the San Mateo-Foster City School District has been in existence for over 40 years.  It is recognized for the development of each child’s intellectual, social, and creative abilities, using hands-on, multi-sensory materials within a carefully prepared environment.   The environment allows for self-correction opportunities, which lead to the joy of inner motivation.  Montessori elementary studies are based on a cultural curriculum which integrates history, geography, mathematics, science, biology, language, literature, art, and music.  We are proud to continue to offer and expand this excellent program.

The SMFCSD is now offering a Montessori program at two school campuses – North Shoreview (K-8) and Parkside (TK-5).  Parents/guardians will be able to select specific Montessori sites as choice 1 and/or choice 2 on the transfer request form.  Site priority will only be given to applicants who have concurrently enrolled siblings, attend the District Montessori preschool program on site, or are children of District employees.