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Every month SMFCSD’s Counselor Wellness Team will share with you stories and guidance based in the 3R’s: Routines, Relationships and Regulation, to help your family navigate the everyday puzzles that arise in supporting your learner(s). 

Resilience Building - January 2021 

By Nancy Wallin, School Counselor and Wini McMichael, Wellness Coordinator  

Melt downs, disrespectful remarks, slammed doors, short tempers. It can be difficult to keep your cool when your child is stressed and losing control. This month, we share tips to help you tap into your own resilience as you help your child grow and develop theirs. These strategies strengthen the innate resilience we all possess and enable us to better navigate the stresses and hardships of our lives.  English | En Español


By Moriah MacDonell, Mental Health Clinician   

For many the holidays are a time to gather; a time to share, connect and find comfort in the company of those we love. Feelings of grief and loss are often amplified during this time of year due to these reasons. With all of the complexities that this time of year brings, we are faced with even more layers this year due to the pandemic. We are left asking ourselves: “How can we provide care and comfort to ourselves and our children during this holiday season?”  English | En Español 

coping skills - NOVEMBER 2020

By Christopher Wong and Jennifer Ramberg, School Counselors

Is your child losing their temper at home with distance learning? Are you losing your temper with your child? “Flipping our lids” happens for all parents and children, but for many, it is a more frequent challenge during this unusual year with distance learning combined with the stress of a global pandemic. We are here to help.  English | En Español 

Learning about Your Learner - OCTOBER 2020

By Nancy Wallin, School Counselor

Are laptop lids in your house being slammed shut? Have you noticed that your student  is more emotional - all of their feelings are on the surface? Do you feel like you have gone back to school yourself? Sounds like school life during a pandemic. We are here to help.  English | En Español


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