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San Mateo-Foster City School District Distribution of Flyers to Students

Current District Process

Sponsoring organization of the program or event must be non-profit (documented) and the event must be held in San Mateo or Foster City. The program or event must be appropriate for students grades K-8. City organizations (i.e. rec center, library) and other community organizations that have a standing relationship with us and the community are routinely approved.

Steps for Approval

  1. The request must be emailed to Education Services for approval to A pdf. of the flyer should be attached along with a copy of the IRS Non-Profit Status letter (501(c)(3)).
  2. Decision (approved or denied) is communicated to the organization by email. If approved, the following language must be added to the flyer: This event/program is not sponsored by the San Mateo-Foster City School District.
  3. The school sites receive a weekly “Approved Flyer” email that includes an attachment of the approved flyers for electronic posting. Each school site has the discretion to post or not to post the flyer.
  4. Instructions will be emailed to the sponsoring organization that include enrollment numbers and bundling instructions for those schools that send home hard copy flyers. The majority of our schools have gone “green” and no longer send home hard copy flyers. Middle schools do not send home flyers.