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Facilities master planning for the next decade is well on its way across the District, with input being collected from parents, students, teachers and staff. 

Site meetings are wrapping up, but you still have the opportunity to share your observations as to the facilities needs that you see at SMFCSD. Your input will help the team develop the Facilities Master Plan for the New Decade that will be presented for consideration to the SMFCSD Board of Trustees at the end of this school year.

Your input matters! Please complete the survey by Friday, February 28, 2020: English Spanish

Want more information? Please the description below for the facilities planning effort.


Facilities Master Plan for the New Decade - Project Description
Your Input is Appreciated! Survey Closes February 28 (English | Spanish)

The District’s elected Board of Trustees has asked the administration to develop a new Facilities Master Plan for the Board’s consideration to serve as a guide for planning major repairs, improvements and modernizations that are needed over the next ten years.   

The Facilities Master Plan for a New Decade, as it’s being called, will include facility needs for all 25 District properties including 20 schools, the Turnbull Children’s Center, the District’s Administrative Office, Maintenance and Operations facility, Central Kitchen and Warehouse, and the Knolls school site which is currently leased. 

The last District Facilities Master Plan was completed in 2010 and updated in 2013. The majority of the projects in those Plans were completed with funding provided by 1) voter approval of a local bond (Measure L); 2) local partnerships and PTA efforts to support specific projects at a school such as beautification and providing technology labs and makerspaces; 3) State and Federal funds for specific improvements in schools such as LED lighting; and 4) some limited District funds for maintenance in the District’s General Fund budget.  

Among the projects completed Districtwide in the last decade were:

  • New security measures to protect students, staff and school property including perimeter locked fencing; security cameras and special locking systems needed for campus lock-downs;
  • Upgrades to the District’s technology infrastructure to improve connectivity and support the many different ways technology is used in the District; 
  • New furniture for all schools;
  • New large play structures and safety matting;
  • Improved and new lunch shade coverings;
  • Exterior painting; and
  • New roofs

In addition, there have been specific projects completed at each school such as full school modernizations at Foster City, College Park and Fiesta Gardens Schools; replacement of windows and mechanical systems at some schools; the phased-in replacement of the Large Group Instruction (LGI) rooms at some schools;  and new energy management systems (EMS) on some campuses.  

There are also three new gyms and eight new classrooms which will open in 2020 at Borel Middle School, Abbott Middle School and Bayside Academy (gym only) as well as a new elementary school in Foster City. Four more projects are in the initial planning stages to meet increased enrollment at George Hall, Sunnybrae and Bowditch, and to create a school for 250-300 students living in North Central San Mateo. These latter gym and classroom projects are being funded by another bond measure—Measure X—authorized by the voters in 2015.  

The Facilities Master Plan for the New Decade (2020-2030) will include both unmet facility needs identified in the previous plan which still need attention as well as new needs identified by the District and each school’s Facility Master Plan Team. Since early January and continuing through February, District staff have been collecting input from both site personnel and parents on specific school needs at each site through Facilities Master Plan School Community Meetings, staff meetings and surveys available to parents/guardians, staff and students.   

The Master Plan for the New Decade surveys enable individuals to give input about facility needs. The surveys can be accessed through the following links:  

The surveys are available through Friday, February 28, 2020. 

All input received will be reviewed by each school’s Facilities Master Plan Team as they review needs and consider recommendations to be included in the Plan and project priorities.

Below is a timeline for the creation of the SMFCSD Facilities Master Plan for the New Decade:

  • School meetings and opportunity for input:  January-February 2020
  • School Master Plan Facilities Team review and recommendations:  February-March
  • District Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) work to recommend the contents of the District’s Facilities Master Plan, general cost estimates and priorities:    February-May 2020
  • Board of Trustees’ review of the FAC’s recommended Plan, direction and approval:   May-June 2020
  • Board consideration of next steps for implementation:   Summer-Fall 2020

Look for progress reports about the development of the SMFCSD Facilities Master Plan for the New Decade in future SMFCSD Newsletters and on the District’s website.