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daily health check questions must be answered for anyone coming to a District school or facility

please download and begin using the frontline app today!

Frontline Instructions to Families:

(ENGLISH | SPANISH) Quick Start Guide

(ENGLISH | SPANISH) Full instructions with images

Who has to use this?

Beginning Monday, March 8, 2021, daily health check questions must be answered by staff and parents/guardians for each student every day in Hybrid before they arrive at school.  This daily screening is one element of the District’s layered COVID-19 mitigation strategies, including temperature checks, physical distancing, frequent handwashing, etc, that make up the District’s Reopening Plan. 

The District has licensed the Frontline Health App to complete this check. Frontline is a simple app that contains the questions that need to be answered each day. 

Parents/guardians and staff coming to campus will use the Frontline app to answer daily health screening questions for each child every day BEFORE ARRIVING AT SCHOOL. After answering the questions, a green “Health Check Cleared” status will appear if the student is cleared. If they are not cleared, they cannot come to school.

Every family must show “Health Check Cleared” on the Frontline App at check-in before their child can enter school. Staff will ask families to show their “Health Check Cleared” on their phone at dropoff before students leave cars, walk up to school entrance to drop off students or at the bus stop before students board the school bus. Families of students who will be walking to school should contact their school office in advance to make arrangements. All families are asked to complete the Frontline Health Check by 7:30 am.

Get the Frontline App and Complete Initial Tests

Download the app as soon as possible by following these instructions (English | Spanish). To activate your account, you will need one email from your family that is on file with the District and to add students, you will need their student ID. If you don’t know their ID, you can obtain this by logging into AERIES.

Complete the questionnaire for Thursday, March 4 and Friday, March 5 for practice. The instructions in #1 include how to locate the questionnaire for each student for each day. 

You can review the questions in English or Spanish. For Spanish, go to My Account and select Communication Settings. Scroll through the language options to select Spanish and then click “SAVE.” 

Beginning on Monday, March 8, complete the questionnaire by 7:30 am every day your child(ren) will come to school.

 Important Note about “Notices”

You may see notices about delinquent vaccinations or other information about your student. Please ignore these Notices as we are not using the app to track this information. 

Thank You for Your Patience

We greatly appreciate your patience as we bring this new app online. We know there will be questions and we will work through them as quickly as we can. If you have difficulties, please email Suzi Riley at