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COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

We will continue to update and add to these questions and will update the date on each answer.

  • General Questions Regarding Reopening for Elementary

    When will the transition to the new classes take place?

    At their Board meeting on Thursday, February 18, the Trustees directed staff to begin in-person learning for grades TK-2 in the Hybrid Model and ALL SDC on Monday, March 8, and grades 3-5 on Monday, March 15.  Based on these dates, the last day students and teachers will meet in their current classes will be Wednesday, March 3.  There will be two asynchronous days on Thursday, March 4 and Friday, March 5. (Last Update 2/22/21.)

    How many Hybrid and DL classes are there in the Elementary Program?

    When we return to in-person learning in the Hybrid Model, there will be 144 Full-Time Distance Learning and 180 Hybrid classes. (Last Update 2/22/21.)

    Can parents change their minds?

    Unless there is a new health issue or concern, the District and site leaders will not approve any change requests. If there is a new health issue or concern, site leaders can approve change requests, as long as this can be done within class size limitations. 

    Change requests for a transfer across schools will not be approved. (Last Update 2/22/21.)

    On the days students are not on site in the Hybrid Model, are they going to have Distance Learning or asynchronous learning?

    This is the schedule for the Elementary Hybrid Model:

    • Start of day: Up to 30 minutes where students at-home log on with students in-person
    • Three hours of in-person instruction while students at home work asynchronously
    • End of the day: Students who are at-home log on for another 30 minutes  

    (Last Update 2/22/21.)

    What is the start time for class? 

    You will receive your start time from your school principal. (Last Update 2/22/21.)

    What is the transportation schedule?

    This information will come from your school. (Last Update 2/22/21.)

    If a child has to quarantine, how will they attend class if they are in Hybrid Model?

    They can log on as if they were in the stay-home group that day.  (Last Update 2/22/21.)

    Will the children in Hybrid Model need to bring their own Chromebooks to class?

    The interaction between students and teachers is one of the goals of in-person learning but we do need to recognize that sometimes the students may need their devices to access curriculum and stored work.

    • Students who have been assigned a District Chromebook will be expected to bring that Chromebook to school.
    • At the time of their transition into Hybrid, students who have not yet been assigned a District Chromebook will be assigned one by their teacher/school. They will bring this to school as their home computer will not connect with the District wifi.
    • The District recommends that students use their backpacks to carry the Chromebooks. 

    (Last Update 2/22/21.)

  • Hybrid Questions for Middle School

    Strategic Support Cohorts - have started and the Hybrid Model for grades 6-8 is in process

    Please attend your site’s upcoming MS meeting:

    • Monday Feb 22 Bayside
    • Tuesday, Feb 23 Bowditch
    • Wednesday, Feb 24 Borel
    • Thursday, Feb 25 Abbott 
    • Saturday, Feb 27 North Shoreview Montessori 

    Also, there will be further information on the middle school program at upcoming Board meetings and through the Superintendent Updates. (Last Update 2/22/21.)

  • Health and Safety

    What PPE is being provided?

    Students and staff will predominantly bring their own PPE. However, should a student or staff member forget their mask or want one from the District, there will be masks available. Additionally, staff will have access to shields, gowns and gloves, if needed. (Last Update 2/22/21.)

    Ventilation - What changes will be made to the HVAC and fresh air system to ensure safety? Will HEPA filters be used? How often will air be changed? Will the school rely on open windows? If so, do all classrooms have cross-ventilating windows?

    MERV 8 filters have been replaced with MERV 11 filters. There are a few schools where the HVAC system that can take MERV 13 filters and they are being upgraded at this time. Each classroom has been outfitted with two additional air purifiers with HEPA filters.

    Between the school mechanical units and the additional air purifiers, the air exchange meets standards. This system does not rely on open windows.

    The District has received a report on the Measure T HVAC projects in our District and we continue to work with the engineers as we reopen. (Last Update 2/24/21.)

    Signage: How will the school ensure that arriving and leaving students maintain physical distance?

    Each school has an ingress and egress plan. See the site information provided by your Principal. (Last Update 2/24/21.)

    Physical Distancing: What are your guidelines?

    With respect to physical distancing, at this point in time the District is using 6 feet distance between students and staff. This is based on California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidance from January 2021. The District will continue to monitor this guidance and determine next steps as appropriate.

    COVID-19 Exposures: What policy will the District follow regarding reporting of COVID-19 infections among students and student families and quarantining of students who were exposed to COVID-19 on campus? How will these policies be enforced? How does the plan take into account the need to quarantine students in every class attended by any student who tests positive?

    There is a required protocol that the District follows per CDPH and this is outlined in the Reopening Plan that can be found on the COVID-19 Updates web page on the District website. The District is required to report all exposures to San Mateo Public Health (SMCH) and they provide direction. 

    In the Reopening Plan there are many scenarios that outline conditions and actions that the District must take. In general, if there is a confirmed case in a classroom, the teacher and students would go into quarantine and begin distance learning. Other classes in the school would not close unless there were multiple confirmed cases in other classrooms on the site.  (Last Update 2/24/21.)

    Is there school site/District information on cases?

    We understand that there is going to be a State Data Dashboard and will upload District COVID information there.  (Last Update 2/24/21.)

    Will the school monitor students for symptoms?  What is the policy for addressing students that appear symptomatic?

    Yes. Students experiencing symptoms need to return home and the family will be provided instructions for seeking testing. Nurses will follow up on results before the student can return to school.  (Last Update 2/24/21.)

    Spring Break Travel: What are travel restrictions in effect and what is the quarantine period required if families travel during spring break?

    At this time, the State of CA's travel guidelines are still in effect: "Californians should avoid non-essential travel to any part of California more than 120 miles from their residence, and to other states or countries.” If families/people travel outside of California, they are strongly encouraged to self-quarantine for 10 days after return.  

    More information regarding travel:

    CDPH Travel Advisory, Jan 6, 2021

    (Last Update 2/22/21.)