Measure X Work Is Underway!

The District’s Board of Trustees and administration are happy to report that major work is underway for all four Measure X Phase I projects.  Given the high construction cost environment, especially in the Bay Area in recent years, reaching this point is a major milestone.  Here is a summary of what’s occurred recently and happening now:


  • New Elementary School in Foster City:  In November, the District’s Board of Trustees decided to accept a new option from the owners of the former Charter Square Shopping Center property to purchase the property after the owners completed site demolition, remediation and grading work.  The work started in January and, despite the many rainy days, is scheduled to be completed this May.  In the meantime, the District has completed the prequalification process for general contractors and primary subcontractors and began advertising for bids the third week of March for construction of the new school.   Bid submittals are slated for the beginning of May with consideration by the Board of Trustees in May-June 2019.  If the bids are within the projected budget, construction is projected to begin in July 2019 with anticipated completion (weather dependent) in late fall 2020.
  • Abbott Gym and Classrooms:  The Board of Trustees approved the bid for the Abbott gym and two new classrooms on March 21, 2019.  Parent and Community Meetings were held in March and early April with the installation of interim construction fencing and the start of excavation and grading occurring at the beginning of April.  The projected occupancy for the new gym and classrooms is July 2020 due to the complexity of two-story construction for the classroom and locker room building.
  • Bayside Gym:  The California Department of State Architect (DSA) approved the construction drawings and documents for the new Bayside gym last December.  Prospective general contractors and primary subcontractors were qualified soon after.  The bid for the gym was approved by the Board of Trustees on March 21, 2019.  A Community and Parent Meeting will be held on April 16 about the plans for construction after which interim construction fencing will be installed for the grading, foundation and construction work to begin by late April.  The gym is projected to be ready for occupancy—weather dependent—in April 2020.
  • Borel Gym and Classrooms:   The second phase of the Borel gym and classroom project got underway in mid-March after the Board of Trustees approved the bid on February 21, 2019 and a Community Meeting was held about the implementation of the second phase.  This phase of the Borel project is to excavate and grade the area on the western side of the campus for the new gym and 6 new classrooms and install the foundation for the new classroom wings.  The classrooms, for which the bid was approved last spring, are projected to be installed in early winter 2019.  The last phase of the project, the construction of the gym, is awaiting final approval from DSA, after which the announcement of the bid process will be made to the general contractors and primary subcontractors who have prequalified to bid.  The Board of Trustees is slated to consider the bids for the gym construction this June.  If the bids are within budget, construction of the gym is expected to start in July 2019 with occupancy in late spring 2020. 

Planning will begin in 2019 for Phase II of Measure X which includes projects for:


  • Begin renovation of some buildings at Bowditch Middle School in Foster City 
  • Adding classrooms and new multipurpose rooms to George Hall and Sunnybrae Elementary Schools in San Mateo 
  • Building a new elementary neighborhood school on the College Park/Turnbull Children’s Center campus

The most current information about our Measure X projects can be found on this website.  Please check back frequently to monitor our progress.