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Responsibilities and Term of Office

The members of the Board of Trustees of this District are locally elected State officials, who serve for a four-year term of office, and who are responsible for the educational program for grades kindergarten through eight. They are required to conduct school programs in accordance with

  • The State of California Constitution
  • The California State Education Code
  • Other laws relating to schools enacted by the Legislature
  • Local policies and procedures which they adopt

The Board is a policy-making body whose actions are guided by the District’s Philosophy of Education. It acts on important issues such as the Districts' budget, policies, and regulations, curriculum, and facilities improvements. The District Superintendent is responsible for the administration of the District.

Board Meeting Agenda

Review of agendas

Agendas are available for public review 72 hours before each Board meeting. The public is invited to address the Board on non-agenda topics and/or agenda items. Prior to the opening of the meeting, a blue slip should be completed and given to the President of the Board or the Superintendent.

Items that will not be accepted for the agenda include

  • Charges or complaints against individual employees of the District
  • Items that are derogatory to the religious, economic, political, or racial views of any person

Charges or complaints directed at District personnel shall be referred to the Superintendent for investigation. The Superintendent may refer charges and complaints to the appropriate Assistant Superintendent for follow-up and appropriate action.

Mail intended for Board agenda inclusion should be addressed to the Board of Trustees at:  1170 Chess Drive, Foster City, CA  94404, and received no later than the close of the school day on the Wednesday preceding the Board meeting by one week.

Complete official agendas are available for viewing on our board meeting, agendas, minutes and summaries page. Board Agendas will be available at the Board Meeting.

For further information, please call the Superintendent's office at (650) 312-7700.

Public statements

Public statements on agenda items may be heard at the time the specific item is under discussion by the Board. The Board may refer items to the administration for follow-up and/or placement on a future agenda. Individual statements should be limited to three minutes.  The President of the Board may grant additional time. Twenty minutes is allocated for this process.

recordings of meetings

The meeting of the Board of Trustees will be recorded and available after the meeting on Board Agendas, Minutes and Summaries

Mailing address

Mail for Board members may be sent in care of the School District Office. The mailing address is 1170 Chess Drive, Foster City, CA  94404.