The Clubhouse Philosophy

The Clubhouse strives to create a "home away from home" environment for the students. The Clubhouse provides each student with a safe, caring and educationally enriched environment. We believe the Clubhouse should be a place where each student can have fun, find needed support and homework help, develop self-esteem and socialization skills, and have the opportunity for educational and emotional growth and development.

Program Philosophy

The Clubhouse is open to currently enrolled Middle School students in the San Mateo-Foster City School District. Our carefully selected and well-trained staff offers a well-planned, quality program that is intended to develop the whole child. We offer a balance between structured and self-initiated activities that are age appropriate and reflect the students’ interests and the staff’s talents and expertise.

Hours During the School Year

  • The Clubhouse is open on regular school days and minimum school days from the time school is dismissed until 6:00 p.m. On no-school days, the Clubhouse is open from 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • The Clubhouse is closed on most national holidays and the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer breaks. The monthly calendar will indicate those dates.

Four Basic Program Components

Indoor Activities

  • Group activities planned for the Clubhouse include a variety of arts and crafts, literature, cooking, science projects, and other enrichment activities.
  • Individual free choice activities offered by the Clubhouse include games, art, books, educational computer games and more.

Outside Activities

  • The Clubhouse program offers both planned group sports activities and free choice activities with appropriate sports equipment provided.
  • Adult instruction is provided for Clubhouse students for various sports activities.


  • The Clubhouse offers homework support every day. A quiet area with our well-trained staff allows students the appropriate time per grade level to work on assignments as suggested by the District homework guidelines.
  • Computers and Internet access are available for student use during homework and free activity time. Appropriate software for educational information, practice, and enrichment are also available.
  • Our academic skill building aligns with our District Standards. The Clubhouse staff communicates with the classroom teachers as needed regarding assignments and other relevant school matters.


The Clubhouse provides daily nutritious snacks