How do I get into the Annex?

Families interested in Annex should complete an online application.

How do I know if I am enrolled in the Annex?

You will receive an email confirmation once your child is enrolled in the Annex. Enrollment is not considered complete until you have received an email stating your child is enrolled.

How long does my child’s name stay on the Annex waitlist?

Names stay on the waitlist throughout the whole school year.

What do I do if my contact information changes and I’m on the waitlist?

Once you have applied online, you have created an account on Active Network. You can update contact information on your Active Network Account.

How do I know what number my child is on the waitlist?

You will receive a letter via email with a waitlist number.

Can I attend any Annex site?

Students can only attend the Annex site at the school where they are currently enrolled.

How many spaces are in the Annex at my child’s school?

Capacity varies at each school site depending on the space that is available for the Annex. The Annex capacity is also determined by the number of students returning and their incoming siblings the following year.

What is Annex priority enrollment?

Priority is given for a limited time for families and their incoming siblings to reenroll in the Annex.

Who do I call to ask questions about Annex enrollment?

All Annex enrollment questions can be done with email or phone calls to the District Office Annex Department at (650) 312-7706.