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Read on to find out information about our Math Programs, processes and placement for the Middle School Math Pathways. 

Information about Compacted Math Assessments

SMFCSD Currently Enrolled 5th grade students for 6th Grade Compacted Math Placement

  • All 5th Grade students in SMFCSD may qualify for Compacted Math based on multiple assessments including CAASPP, Galileo and a Performace-based Assessment.  
  • Families of actively enrolled 5th graders will receive communication via e-mail, regarding the assessment process in early December

SMFCSD Current and Actively Enrolled 6th grade students for 7th Grade Compacted Math

  • All 6th Grade students may choose to opt-in to the Bridge to 7th Grade Self-Study Guide and Assessment
    • Students complete an Independent Study Guide and then take an assessment to determine placement in math for the following year
    • Completing the guide alone does not determine placement in Compacted Math
    • The self-study Guide will be shared in late January and the Assessment will be administered in March 
  • Families of actively enrolled 6th graders will receive communication regarding the assessment process and information about how to opt-in early December  

Additional Information for Families New to SMFCSD How do I have my child tested for the Middle School Math Pathways if I am new to the district?

First, welcome to the San Mateo-Foster City School District!  For new students entering 6th grade, please be sure to enroll your child at their neighborhood school (even if you are applying for a transfer). Families that have pre-enrolled students entering 6th grade for the coming school year will be contacted via e-mail with information about our testing dates in the Spring, preceding the relevant school year.  Please be sure you have pre-enrolled your child completely, and have provided an e-mail address that is most frequently monitored by your family. 

Getting Ready for High School Mathematics?

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Information about 9th grade Placement 

SMUHSD Updated Math Placement Criteria 

Looking for more information about the SMFCSD Math Pathways for your middle school student?

Check out our SMFCSD Math Pathways document and video below.

TK-8 Math Pathways and Process   

Math Pathways and Process Video

Math Pathways and Process Video - Spanish

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Did you know SMFCSD has a Board Policy for placement in mathematics for Middle School?

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SMFCSD Board Policy Placement in Mathematics Courses