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Excellence in Education Measure

On November 6, 2018 voters in the San Mateo Foster City School District will be asked to vote on the Excellence in Education Measure that would generate roughly $10 million annually for nine years through a $298 per year with CPI parcel tax, so that the District can:

  • Attract and retain excellent teachers and staff;
  • Provide outstanding reading, writing, math and science programs;
  • Improve programs including science, technology, engineering and math; and
  • Support art, drama and music programs

Attracting and Retaining Teachers

Studies show that teachers matter more to student achievement than any other aspect of schooling.  We live in one of the most expensive communities in the nation and the high cost of living has made it difficult for our teachers to stay in our community.  As a result, there is a local teacher shortage.

This measure would allow the District to provide teachers with increased compensation, so we can attract and retain teachers and improve student outcomes.

Addressing Financial Obstacles & Investing in Innovative Programs

Our school district receives less money per pupil than most other San Mateo County school districts.  The state’s classification of the District has fluctuated between a basic aid district, which allows it to be funded through local property tax revenue and a revenue limit district, in which it is sustained primarily through state funding.  Consequently, funding models for our schools have been inconsistent and unreliable, jeopardizing key programs within our schools and casting uncertainty into the future.  In addition, following the defeat of Measure Y in March 2017, our schools face a structural deficit of approximately $5 million annually.

This measure would give the District a consistent and reliable source of revenue to support innovative programming, enhance core academics, protect art and music education, and strengthen science, technology, engineering and math programs to prepare students for college and careers.

All Funds Spent in Our Community

By law, all of the funds generated by this measure would be spent in our school district and none of the funds can be taken by the state or federal government nor used for administrator salaries. 

The measure will have exemptions for seniors and will establish an independent citizen oversight committee, annual audits, and reports to the community to ensure the funds will be spent as promised.