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Excellence in Education - Measure V

The San Mateo-Foster City School District offers innovative approaches to learning, ensuring your child will not only learn the basics but will also become well prepared for high school, college and careers.   Over the years, our schools have provided a high-quality education to our students and have been acknowledged for their outstanding programs.  Our mission is to continue to build on this strong foundation to ensure that all students succeed.

Local Funding to Support Strong EducationMeasure V - Excellence in Education Measure 2018

The funding models for our schools have been inconsistent and unreliable, jeopardizing key programs within our schools and casting uncertainty into the future.  In addition, following the defeat of Measure Y in March 2017, our schools face a structural deficit of approximately $5 million annually.  Without additional revenue, our schools will have to eliminate programs and reduce staffing. 

On November 6, 2018 voters in the San Mateo-Foster City School District will be asked to vote on Measure V - Excellence in Education Measure. This parcel tax would give our schools a consistent and reliable source of revenue that would generate roughly $10 million annually for 9 years (a $298 per parcel tax adjusted annually by the Consumer Price Index) so that the District can:

  • Attract and retain excellent teachers and staff;
  • Provide outstanding reading, writing, math and science programs;
  • Enhance programs including science, technology, engineering and math; and
  • Support art, drama and music programs
Attracting and Retaining Teachers

Studies show that teachers impact student achievement rates more than any other aspect of schooling.  We live in one of the most expensive communities in the nation and the high cost of living has made it difficult for our teachers to stay in our community.  As a result, there is a local teacher shortage.  This measure would allow us to provide teachers with increased compensation, so we can attract and retain teachers and improve student outcomes.

All Funds Spent in Our Community

This Measure will support our staff and innovative STEM/Arts programs.  By law, all of the funds generated by this measure would be spent in our school district and none of the funds can be taken by the state or federal government nor used for administrator salaries.  The Measure will have exemptions for seniors (property owners, aged 65 and older, who reside in San Mateo or Foster City) and will establish an independent citizen oversight committee, annual audits, and reports to the community to ensure the funds will be spent as promised. 

Learn more about the Measure V

Please visit for additional information.  If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please contact Superintendent Dr. Joan Rosas at (650) 312-7348 or


The San Mateo-Foster City School District Measure V - Excellence in Education Measure will attract and retain teachers, support innovative programming, enhance core academics, protect art and music education, and strengthen science, technology, engineering and math programs to prepare students for high school, college and careers.

Register to Vote OnlineMeasure V - Excellence in Education Measure 2018

You may register to vote or change your registration information online. Visit, the Secretary of State’s website where you will be asked to enter your personal information and provide your driver’s license number and the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Register to Vote via the Mail

You may register by mailing a completed Voter Registration Form to the San Mateo County Registration & Elections Division.

Forms are available in our school offices, at public libraries, city and county offices, California Department of Motor Vehicles offices and at U.S. Post Offices. You may also call Elections Division office at (650) 312-5222 and they will mail a form to you within one business day.

The last day to register to vote is Monday, October 22, 2018!
Voting Options

San Mateo County voters now have two easy options to vote: Vote by Mail and Vote Centers. Both options are available 29 days before Election Day, providing a convenient range of voting days to meet anyone’s schedule.

Para recibir una copia de los materiales informativos en español, por favor envíe un correo electrónico a:

Town Hall Meetings & Community Survey on Budget

December 2017 Town Hall Meetings AdIn December 2017 the San Mateo-Foster City School District held four Town Hall Meetings and opened an online community survey for people to share their thoughts and perspective regarding school finance.  Our District is chronically underfunded and currently experiencing a structural deficit caused by increased pension liability, escalating costs of doing business and the loss of $7 million in parcel tax funds last year, we are concerned that any proposed cuts will negatively affect outcomes for our students.  Raising revenues would require a new parcel tax.  

Thank you to our SMFCSD community for joining us during our Town Hall Meetings, many ideas & solutions were shared.  Thank you for your support of our schools!

Review the December 2017 Town Hall Meeting PowerPoint Presentation


Dr. Joan Rosas commissioned a Fiscal Advisory Committee (FAC) in October 2017 to review and understand the District’s budget deficit and provide input regarding reductions and potential revenue enhancements via a parcel tax.  The Committee met two times in November and again in January 2018.  The Committee was robust with representative membership from the SMFCSD community including:

  • Representatives of bargaining units and associations (SMETA/CSEA/SMEAA)Certificated and/or classified staff
  • Parents/guardians serving on Parent Teacher Associations (PTA), School Site Council (SSC), English Language Advisory Council (ELAC) at the school site level
  • Parents/guardians with children attending SMFCSD schools
  • San Mateo-Foster City Education Foundation Board Members
  • City Council Members from Foster City and San Mateo
  • Service Organization Leaders / Other School Related Organizations
  • Community Partners (Representatives of the business community cannot have a financial relationship with the District)
  • San Mateo and/or Foster City Community Members